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National Palace of Culture ( NDK)
Built in 1981 to mark the country's 13th centennial, it covers an area of 17.000sq. m., housing concert halls, exhibition space, offices, shops and restaurants. Throughout the year it hosts a variety of cultural events, concerts, film festivals, art exhibits, fashion shows and major conferences.

St. Nedelya Church
Built at the end of 19th century, it is the successor of several smaller churches from mediaeval times and lies directly above the crossroads of ancient Serdica. Nowadays, situated on the square of the same name, it is second only to Alexander Nevski Cathedral in importance as a city center place of worship.

Alexander Nevski Cathedral
The most spectacular building in Sofia, built as a memorial cathedral in the period 1882-1912 can hold up to 6000 people and stands for it's splendid interior, decorated with marble, Venetian mosaics, onyx and alabaster columns and dramatic murals. The spectacular golden domes are the city's symbol.
The Crypt contains some of the best examples of Bulgarian icon-painting from 4th to the 19th century.

National Theatre Ivan Vazov
The most beautiful of all theatres in Sofia, it was built in 1907, destroyed by fire in 1923 and rebuilt in 1929. The area outside is buzzing with stylish street cafes just around the 40 m. high ornate facade and next to fountains of the City Garden.


Ideally located in the heart of downtown - nestled between the central Vitosha and Rakovski Boulevards, the hotel is amidst the bustling city center, yet comfortably quiet at night.
The National Palace of Culture stands just across the street, business district, government offices, banks, cultural sites and shopping area are within walking distance.
10 km from Sofia International Airport.